More flexible calculations of columns

Just started using Metabase. An awesome open source alternative for non technical users! Things are working good so far…except that there isn’t enough flexibility in calculations in the query builder. Having min, max, sum, std, count…on individual columns is great, but a lot of times we need to see some ratios, like “select sum(revenue)/countd(users) as arpu from table”, or even just the sum of 2 columns, like “select sum(a)+sum(b) as total from table” in sql. Is a feature like this being considered?

Great work so far, and thanks for making this open source!

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+1 to this. I would love this feature.

Actually, you know you can do this if you just write your question in SQL.

You can, but then you lose all the good GUI interfaces (filters, group bys)

You lose the GUI, but you can still do filters, group bys etc - you just need to write them manually.