Mount S3 Object or Azure Blob storage

Is there a way to mount an S3 object store or Azure blob store in Metabase?

I'm running Metabase as a Container App in Azure.
I'm working on a solution using DuckDB (and potentially parquet files), where the database is just 1 or more files in the filesystem. However, I'd like those files to be separate from the Metabase container I can create/update/delete files without modifying the container.

Is there a driver or other means that will let me mount my storage so it appears as local storage to the DuckDB driver?

Did some different searching and found a way to achieve my short-term goal letting me mount an Azure File (as opposed to Blob) share in the container where Metabase is running:
Tutorial: Create an Azure Files storage mount in Azure Container Apps | Microsoft Learn

However, I would still love to know if there is a Metabase driver or some other means to mount S3 or Azure storage within Metabase so someone who is a Metabase Admin, but doesn't manage the infrastructure can mount additional shares on their own.

Hi @ChrisH
You would need to probably extend the DuckDB driver with dependencies for handling Azure Files (both connection and authentication) and some way of configuring that in the driver details. Sounds quite messy. And not sure about possible security implications.

But I'm not even sure if it would be possible to implement just through a driver, since it would more similar to the SSH implementation, which is made in the core, so it can manage the connections. If you need more advanced SSH tunnels or VPN, then you currently also need to do that outside of Metabase.

Think the only way would be to go the route you're currently on, do the mount outside of Metabase.