Moving Metabase application instance, keep database

Hi there,

I'm attempting to move our Metabase instance from App Engine to a VM. The VM has been configured with the same version of Metabase running in Docker and is pointing to the same Postgres Metabase database.

Everything appears to work, however when I boot I am prompted to setup the instance, and the database appears to be different. Logs show that it successfully connected to the Postgres instance, but I think it's using the H2 database.

Any suggestions?

check the environment variables, for sure it's not using the old app db

Using these env vars:

Am I missing any?

Then your old instance was connected to h2

Couldn't have been. I connected to the database via psql and it has the correct data. Also the old instance doesn't have a disk at all.

Do I need to shut down the old instance before starting the new instance?

Wait... MB_DB_DBNAME vs MB_DB_NAME might be the issue.