Multiple columns in SELECT

I started using Metabase a few days ago, and it looks pretty cool.

I’ve been wondering if is it possible to select multiple values in the SELECT clause? I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask, or if I should create a new Github issue. Here is an scenario:

You have Table1 with the following fields:

field1 | amount1 | amount2

and you want to group by some field, and display the SUM of amount1 but also the SUM of amount2. Right now I have to create 2 different Questions for that, instead of having both data in a single one (and be able to sort ascending/descending, etc).

Thanks in advance.

Our query builder is optimized for single aggregations/selects or select *'s at the moment. We’re exploring multiple aggregation UIs but nothing firmly scheduled.

I want to ask if this feature is available now?