Multiple default values in native SQL for field parameter

Hi there!
When we have any text box in metabase, as soon as we hit a comma (or a tab, if I recall correctly), metabase understands that as another value. That doesn’t happen when typing default values for native SQL field parameters - metabase will get the comma as text, and, therefore, we are not able to choose multiple values as the default. I think that would be useful.

Any known workaround?

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I don’t think I understand your question. Which Variable Type are you talking about, Field Filter or simple Text? Could you post the query?

Yeah, sure! Here it goes:

  s.date_purchase AS date,
  SUM(1) AS sales
FROM dw.ft_sales s
LEFT JOIN dw.dm_attribution dm_attribution ON dm_attribution.sk_attribution = s.fk_attribution
WHERE {{channel}}

On the interface, it is a field filter:

I’d like to select “branded” and “social” and my default options, but, typing like above, I’ll get only one selection, “branded,social”, which of course won’t match any value.

Okay, so you want be able to assign multiple “Default filter widget value”, then it’s this issue:

There you go! Thank you! (I really didn’t think of the word “widget” in this context lol)