Multiple Google Analytics data in a Single dashboard

I have two projects with Google Analytics data. It is required to get the GA data of same metrics and dimensions for these two accounts. So, instead of creating two separate dashboards, Is there any ways to incorporate both these data in a single dashboard by adding a project filter or something like that? Or is there any other simple ways to achieve this without creating multiple dashboards?

Hi @ratheeshkr
You can add questions from multiple databases to the same dashboard - there’s some limitations on filtering though, when using different databases or tables.
Or am I misunderstanding what you’re trying to do?

I can able to add data from multiple databases in a single dashboard. I will explain the scenario.

I have two projects A and B. I created one widget using google analytics data in dashboard. My plan is to add a filter at the top to select the project.

When I select Project A, the data of the A project will be shown in the widgets that I created. And when I switch to Project B, the data will be changed automatically and fill in that same widgets, in the same dashboard.

Is this possible?

Ahhh, now I get it.
No that’s not possible. Currently questions can only run in same database (even though you’re using GA for both, it’s technically two different databases in Metabase).
There’s a request open for being able to join across databases: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post.
You need to create a data-warehouse somewhere else (perhaps BigQuery) and have Metabase get data from there, if you need such functionality currently.

Thank you for the quick response :slight_smile: