"Must be an OrderableValue or OrderableValuePlaceholder" error

Hi guys!
Using metabase 0.29.3 here. Check this:

It only happens for questions involving filters which explicitly have “2018-10-21” (if I take data until day 2018-10-22, for instance, it will work just fine.)

Possibly related to:

Same I said in the other question, I say here: it might be related to some weird daylight saving time Brazilian government did, BUT metabase is running in an EC2 instance in USA, although using “America/Sao_Paulo” timezone. Metabase itself is running with “Default timezone” setting, although it made no difference when I changed it.

Running a local instance of metabase 0.30.3, a different error was thrown up, although the behaviour is pretty much the same, as shown below:

Any ideas on this?

What type do you have for that field in the Data Model? I had the same error when I assigned a date type to a column where the date was actually held as a varchar.

Hi Andrew! It is the default database, I didn’t change anything. It just happens for that date - for any other date, it works just fine, so I don’t believe it might be the datatype, since, should it be the case, the error would occur to any date, right?

In any case, it is “Creation timestamp”, just as it comes.

It might be completely unrelated.
No, it wouldn’t necessarily affect all dates. Which table & column are affected?

For that date, any table, of any database. I literally can’t filter anything for that date, no matter what metabase version or what table I’m pulling data from.

In the given example, as shown in the image, I’m pulling data from the Orders table, from the Sample dataset, filtering by the column “Created At” - although, again, whatever the date column, I won’t be able to pull data from regardless. Using the query editor, I get those weird errors; using SQL, queries simply run in no time, saying “No rows returned from database”.