My dashboards dissapeared - HELP! [SOLVED]

I had to restart metabase and when it came back up everything looked different and I can’t find the dashboards

Which version of Metabase are you using? Did you recently upgrade to 0.30.0 or 0.30.1 from an older version? If so, your dashboards, pulses, and questions that weren’t in a collection have been put into temporary “Migrated” collections with the expectation that you’ll move them somewhere else.

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So they are! Thanks!!

@kwilde are you perhaps running Metabase with Docker?

If you are, a Docker good practice for anything “production” is to make sure you specify the version tag as well as part of running e.g docker run <your port settings etc.> metabase/metabase:v0.30.1 <perhaps more settings>. By specifying the v0.30.1 version tag separated by a : you make sure you control when you want to upgrade to a possible new version. Otherwise it defaults to the :latest tag. See Docker documentation for further details.

See currently available Metabase Docker tags at:

I’m just thinking it might be worth adding a proofread version of the above note to the Metabase Operations Guide …

This would not happen without a docker pull right? I agree though using the tag is a good practice.

You’re absolute right @jeremyjh - thanks for clarifying my mental slip. :blush: Seems others fall into something similar or at least keep asking in Docker’s GitHub repo for a --pull flag on docker run

Still puzzled though how @kwilde’s system ended up seemingly getting “auto-updated” on restart. Hopefully just someone - and not something.

Yes we are running with docker and I know where to specify the version now. And jornh, it ‘auto-updated’ because we didn’t specify the version so it used the latest

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