My project is possible with metabase?


Metabase, is starting to interest me but I can't figure out if it would fit my business.

I have an analytics site that provides my clients with dashboards with data that I have collected beforehand.
I would stop creating the dashboards myself and use Metabase to build them faster which would save me a lot of time and allow me to focus on collecting more data and making more charts.
Plus it would allow each client to build their own charts for more value to my clients.
All of this would still happen directly on my own site.

I have read that the billing is done on a per client basis, however each client is a team of several people, should I pay for each team member or once per team?
Knowing that each team member will see exactly the same data and will have the same dashboard made by the team.

Could Metabase work for my use case?

Thank you for reading

Metabase is meant exactly for your use case. I would suggest you contact sales for checking your specific user count

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