MySQL Timezone error

Version v0.46.6.4
I've just migrated my demo server from using H2 to MySQL. I've also added a new sample database in MySQL and started working with models. Not narrowed down the exact source of the error yet, but I'm seeing:

MariaDbSqlException: Unknown or incorrect time zone: 'Europe/London'

a lot in the log files.
Model caching isn't working and I'm having problems with filter drop downs. No idea if related, I'll do more troubleshooting if the abover error doesn't highlight an obvious problem.

last time I saw this was because the timezone of Java or the OS was different from the DB

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Not sure if I've fixed this or not. I'm still getting the error but model caching is working now. The error appears every time I view the model data but data is still returned.
It's only a demo server, so I'll take that as a win!

The locale setup is:
mySQL: en_US
Metabase server: en_US.UTF-8
Database server: C.UTF-8

Big thanks to Microsoft for somehow setting different locales on the same Ubuntu server version. Or, it could be due to upgrading one of them, I've no idea!

The MySQL database is on the same server as other stuff, so very wary of changing that. I temporarily changed the local on MySQL to en_GB and installed the en_GB.UTF-8 locale on the Database server (didn't set it, just installed). Then the caching table was created.

I'm planning to move the Metabase install to Docker in the near future, so I'll take another look then.

Thanks for your help.