Native Query is visible only to some user

I have created a Native Query on 2 tabs, I am Administrator
2 Tabs are visible to all Users
Native Query is visibile to 2 Groups: A, B
1 User belonging to Group A can Execute it
2nd User belonging to Group B cannot because of some restriction
Version 0.31.2

I cannot find the solution
Can you help me?

Hi @mirco_cervi
What does “tabs” mean?
There are many changes between 0.31.2 and the latest release 0.32.8 - also related to permissions and collections, so my first recommendation would be to try out the latest release.

tabs it means …I gave “permission” to the Original Tab to Database.

Okay, I still don’t think I understand.
GroupA and GroupB has “Data Access”=“Unrestricted” and “SQL Queries”=“Write” for the database?
Have you checked the Collection permissions?
What errors are you getting - check the Metabase log and browser console?

Hi Flamber …u know …after 10 days …without doing nothing …everything is all right.
It’s happening very often that I do something in Metabase (add field, or add query) and in 2-3 days this change is visible …
Do u know why?

I’m not sure, since I still don’t fully understand your setup/problem.
Without an exact steps-to-reproduce or error log, it’s very difficult to know.
There has been quite a few fixes to Permissions and Collections, since version 0.31.2, besides many other changes, so I would recommend that you try 0.32.9 (remember to backup first).

Did it … now trying to set it good :smiley: