Native Query Select a Database with single data source groups

I’ve searched github and the discussion forum here, but hadn’t found anything similar to the issue we are running into.

Our setup has 3 databases, and one “elevated” user group that has access to all three, and one “limited” user group that only has access to 1 database.

The issue is that when a user in the more limited group logs in and selects Ask a Question -> Native Query, there is no datasource selected for them, therefore they cannot use the SQL editor. If they use the “Write SQL” shortcut instead, the single database they have access to is auto-selected and everything works fine.


Any ideas on whether this is a setup config issue on our end, or a potential bug? We are running v0.33.0-RC1.

Hi @cmuir24
That was a known issue in the release candidates and fixed in 0.33.0 - latest release is 0.33.3

Thanks @flamber , I missed it in my github search. Thanks for the quick response!