Need Help Updated to v0.28

I’m trying to update my company’s instance of Metabase.

One tutorial points me to this link where I see the following error message.

Another links initiates a download of a files called “” and not the usual zip file.

Has anyone had any luck upgrading to v0.28?

You can also get to the documentation via github.
This should cover what you need:

Thank you @AndrewMBaines , when I tried to upload the new version, I received the following error:


and this one:

Sorry, you need help from someone else now. I’ve no experience outside of running on Linux & Windows.

Not sure where you got that link from (would be good to get fixed there) … but I found the problem a .html was missing in the URL so it should be

edit: But apart from that (what’s probably wont help you with the failed Elastic Beanstalk deploy) I’m sorry to say I’ve got no Elastic Beanstalk experience either :worried: … only thing I can offer is to suggest starting the install from scratch with a new instance, look for generic - or search the Metabase discussion here for the same …

edit 2: hah - fix of some broken links for the 0.28 documentation seem to have already taken place: