Neither DB Sync nor Pulse are working after migration

First a little bit of background info, we migrated our Metabase test environment to a production system like back in version 0.19. For the production system we used a metabase settings SQL dump from our test environment to initialise the new system.
Fast forward to today, our users finally started working with Metabase and they noticed that, neither new Tables/Views show up, nor they recieve their selected Pulses.

Is there any solution other than just scrapping the Metabase SQL Settings and start from scratch?

We are currently running on Metabase 0.22.2

Hmm, sorry you’re experiencing this problem. Do you know when you started observing this problem? Was it right after upgrading your instance to 0.22.2? Did you upgrade straight from 0.19 to 0.22.2?

New tables/views not showing up can sometimes just be due to a delay in Metabase syncing with the database (FYI you can force a sync from the databases section of the admin panel). If it’s been a while and they’re still not showing up, then I’ll probably have to defer to one of my teammates as to what some other potential causes could be.

As for Pulses, are you talking about Slack-delivered Pulses or emailed ones? It could be possible that there’s something wrong either with your Slack configuration or your SMTP setup. Can you provided some more details about what your Pulse setup looks like?

Can I also ask what kind of DB(s) you’ve connected to Metabase, and what your deployment environment looks like?

We upgraded the version regularly like once a month if there was a new release available. So it could have happend at any step in between, since the users just recently started using it we can’t say for sure for how long it isn’t working. The force sync option doesn’t start either, but it doesnt throw an error in the log it just doesn’t work.

For the Pulses i meant the emailed ones, the test email works just fine if i try it out with our SMTP configuration.

We deployed Metabase on an Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Server which also runs the MySQL DB that the Metabase is connected to. The Metabase is running as a Systemd service on the Server. On the Dev. environment which is similiar to the production it was started manually. Thats about the biggest difference i could think of.

Could you do me a favor and open up a new GitHub issue with as much detail as you can so we can work on figuring out what’s going on? Thanks!