Nested Query Percentage Totals

Im looking to get some help with nested queries and using the COUNTS between them

Ive been able to get a query that returns the right "raw" counts.

Ive got a table that is counting likes across users.

Column 0 = Month
Column 1 = Total Users
Column 2 = Users that have liked 1+ times
Column 3 = Users that have liked 5+ times

All grouped by month.

How Can I use the GUI editor to essentially get:

Column 0 = Month
Column 1 = Total User Count
Column 2 = (Column2/Column1) (to get a % value)
Column 3 = (Column3/Column1) (to get a % value)

Im using BigQuery.

Hi @jins-agridigital
By using a Custom Expression:

Fantastic! This works perfect