New account email

Is there any way to setup an ‘Administrator’ level permissions but not send ’ new account’ emails to them ?

I can think of two:

  • Configure them before you configure the email SMTP server. Then you’re as the admin doing their setup handed their credentials in the UI. (I think in v0.29 there’s now an option to remove the SMTP settings if already configured)
  • Configure LDAP and have them log into Metabase first. After that their account is present - and you can just up their account to admin.

hmm not ideal, cheers anyway.

@jornh What about just inserting the row in the user database?
I’m away, so can’t test but select an exisitng user, change the id and username, then insert back into the user table.

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It’s a very wet day out here in the Outer Hebrides, so thought I’d play with this.
The SQL below copies the user with ID 1 to a new user with the same password but different email etc. No email is sent. This is correct for MySQL, should be easy to translate to others.
I’ve set some of the values to a defaul rather than copying. For example, my original user was a super user, but not my new user. Edit: Just noticed that the original question specifically asked for admin. Just change the first 0 to a 1.
No need to insert the user ID as it’s an auto-incrementing column.
This doesn’t add to any groups either.

INSERT INTO `metabase`.`core_user`
 (SELECT '','Andrew2','Baines', password, password_salt, curdate(), null, 0, 1,null,null, 0,0,0
from metabase.core_user where id=1)