New Feature Request

Would love the following additional features:

  1. Ability to create pivot tables in questions and display them in dashboard.
  2. Formatting fields - seems to not be able to control things like commas in numbers
  3. Have more nesting on column headers - only can add 2 fields after the aggregate
  4. Sort on more than just amounts, but also on columns that are not shown

(1) is possible if you add multiple dimensions, and save the question as a “table”

(2) we’re trying to find rules we can automatically apply so that scalars “look right” without any special formatting. What are you seeing that you would like to change?

(3) was a choice we made mainly due to difficulties of displaying 3 dimensional pivot tables. Are you trying to have end users consume this or is this as an intermediate report that is dumped as a CSV?

(4) Can you give us a concrete example and we’ll open an issue, or open one at

(1) - sorry i am still not clear on how to add a pivot table into a dashboard - it does not save with the nest column headers
(2) - sometimes i do not want numbers with commas separating thousands, sometimes I do. integers for example. if i convert to string, then ordering is off… so they need to remain as a number…
(3) yes end users consume - this is not unusual… let’s say you have month period, then region, then state as column headers
(4) lets say i want to sort my metrics by a metric_id which is an integer. I do not want to show the metric_id in the report, but I want to sort the metrics not alphabetically by name. Same with weeks of year… my week will say Feb2 - Feb9 as a header, but it will appear before Jan 5- Jan 14th for example

when i try to save a pivot to the dashboard - it reverts to the table view - no nested columns

  • how do we share questions in a distributed environment? - what i mean by that is when i try to set up pulse as admin and set up the slack token or my email smtp - i does not allow me to save. the save button is grayed out.