New SQL field missing in existing visualisation on a dashboard

I've updated a raw SQL query question which is used in a dashboard to return an additional field that I wanted to add to a table view, and saved the question under the same name, but when I go to edit the table visualisation, I don't see the new field.

It shows up fine if I add the question to the dashboard again.

Is this known behaviour by design or a bug? I don't see the new field even with caching disabled.

I'm hesitant to delete the original question instance on the dashboard and re-add it, because I shared a public, direct link to the question and I am not sure if this breaks that share.

In fact, since I upgraded to 0.44, I can't seem to find the option to share a specific question anymore (will raise this in a separate thread).

Hi @joostschuur
If you make visualization settings changes on a dashboard card (hover a dashboard card > Visualization options), then some changes to the underlying question might not show until you have "Reset to defaults" on the dashboard card.

Thanks for the quick reply. That does sound a little bit like a bug to me. Resetting to defaults would have undone all the customisations I did to the fields for the table too.

Luckily (answering my own question from above), if you delete a question and then re-add it to the dashboard, that didn't change the public permalink (make senses, since it's the same question).

It also looks like in the larger nav/ui layout change, the share button for questions moved to the bottom of the screen (or it was there last time I used it, and I just don't remember). I only just noticed it down there.

@joostschuur I'm mixed about it being a bug, since if you make a visualization settings change on a dashboard, then you expect that to persist on that dashboard card, so if you then update the underlying question, then the dashboard card should still persist its changes.
But it's definitely one of those "today I learned", so the UX could definitely be upped in this regard, which we've been looking into along with other updates on the dashboards.

I think the question sharing button was moved to bottom-right corner in v37 or something like that, so around two year.
We're still working on making the icon/action buttons unified across the app.

I don't feel too strongly about it being a bug, since it does make sense that an existing question that you're changing on shouldn't immediately change any live dashboards, so visualisations are essentially instances of a dashboard implementation. Something didn't fully click until now for me though on what on a dashboard is distinct to that implementation of a question.

From my perspective, what I'd love to see is a 'new fields available' section when you edit the visualisation of a dashboard's instance of a question, so you can add them in, similar to the current 'More columns' area.

I really like seeing the roadmap you've posted BTW!

I initially had Metabase installed from the Digital Ocean marketplace, which was fairly out of date, so it was a pleasure to see it almost immediately tell me about an update for v43 and then v44 less than a day later when that came out. Guess I can't get used to that exact pace of updates moving forward :slight_smile: .

@joostschuur The dashboard cards are only distinct if you modify the visualization options of the card, otherwise the card will get the information from the question.
Similar to how other formatting works, which is passed down to children that each level can override.
Example with date formatting, which has Metabase defaults level (0: US-style), global level (1: Admin > Settings > Localization), column level (2: Admin > Data Model > db > table > column :gear: > Formatting), question level (3: question lower-left Visualization Settings > Data > column :gear:), and finally dashboard card level (4: hover card > Visualization options > column :gear:)

Unfortunately the "reset" columns option was removed long ago, which I highly disagreed with:

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