Newbie Q: User counts for embedding

We are considering Metabase and would like to understand how users are counted if we embed Metabase visualizations into our internal company system screens.

Are each of our company's users of our systems counted as a Metabase user if they view a Metabase visualization embedded into our systems?

Thanks in advance!

If you do simple embedding then those users are not counted, as basically there's no authentication at all. If you do full-app embedding (a feature that's available in our Pro/enterprise tiers), then those users are counted.

Thanks Luiggi!

  1. Does "simple app embedding" include the ability to interact with the visualization in any way (like filtering or clicking to see the data underlying the visualization)?

  2. Does sending data from Metabase to a particular Slack account require a registered user to be associated with the destination Slack account?

  3. To export data from an embedded visualization, does a user need to be registered?

  1. The only thing you can do with simple embedding is just changing filters (the ones that are editable).
  2. The Slack integration needs a user named "Metabot" that you have to tweak at the Metabase side
  3. No, it doesn't