NLG in Metabase

Hi - Is there any way to use NLG in Metabase dashboards?

I am hoping to include use structured data to update a few simple sentences each period: "In Q1 2021, Revenue was $X".

I've used this in QlikSense and PowerBI in the past.


Hi @saleksevitch What is NLG?

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natural-language generation

@saleksevitch I don't think I understand. Can you link to some documentation on how this should work in other systems and how you expect it to work in Metabase?

Yeah, no worries!

In the past, I have used this technology to automatically create structured paragraphs based on the underlying data. A front-end user sees a paragraph of text that dynamically updates when the data is filtered. This text can state what the revenue is for a given period or for a given region, etc.

Here is a link that showcases a vendor for PowerBI:

Is there anything comparable for Metabase?

@saleksevitch Okay, now I see. No, that's not something that is supported.
I would recommend that you open a feature request for it, and the better it's described, the more likely it is to be discovered by others and upvoted.

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Will do - thanks!

For reference: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post