No Dashboard ID in Query Execution table?

I've been exploring adoption statistics lately, trying to figure out who is using Metabase, what they're using it for, etc., and I've noticed that the Dashboard ID column in the Query Execution table doesn't seem to properly populate when I load a card that is on a dashboard. Is there something I am missing? Why does "Dashboard ID" seem to be null almost always, even when I am loading cards that are on dashboards?

Hi @chadwicke
Read more here - and follow some of the references too:

Hey Flamber! Thank you for the resource, but I'm not quite sure what to take away. So the dashboard_id field is only populated when you run certain types of dashboards? Is there anything I can do on my end to have Metabase begin to populate that field for my existing dashboards? Also, I saw the snippet about the auditing functionality in Enterprise, but I was under the impression that the auditing function just cleaned up what you can already find in the Metabase Application Database anyway - is that not correct?

@chadwicke Correct, currently the questions on dashboard are executed without knowing which dashboard they're executed from. We are working on trying to connect the questions to the dashboards.

Sounds great, Flamber! Thank you for the helpful responses!