No dropdown menu option for filter?

I just updated from 0.20.2 up to 0.22.2 on AWS Elastic Beanstalk. I’m connecting to the same MySQL database and tables, but when I try to use a filter on a column (category type, string data), it only gives me the “Enter a value” option. In the previous version it popped up a dropdown menu with the available options (in this case a selection of sales rep names).
Is this a feature that was lost in the latest release(s)? Is there a way to edit the table metadata to get this filtering functionality back?

that should still be the case. do you have access to the application database (the RDS instance elastic beanstalk creates)?

You can add it as a database within Metabase (though I STRONGLY encourage restricting its data access permissions to admins only, and deleting it when you’re done).

We actually relaxed our handling of what we call “FieldValues” and added a way to search them. Sounds like something weird happened in the upgrade.

I do have access to the application database configuration on Elastic Beanstalk.

… and now I’ve added it as a database to my Metabase installation.

for the field in question, can you find it in the metabase_fields table? and then use its ID to see if there is a record for it in the fields_values (or something similar) table?

I found it in the Metabase Field table, but its ID does not show up in the Metabase Field Values table (either as ID or as Field ID)

Resolved: I triggered a new database sync, waited 2 hours, seems to have resolved.

Seems like revisiting this proposal to show the progress of DB syncing/introspection would be prudent. It’s hard for users to know that this process is happening.