"No tables found in this database." error with MongoDB

I need help with this error I get with Metabase when using MongoDB.

I have connected MongoDB (settings are: MongoDB, localhost, 27017; no user name or password).

When I select “New Question” and this database I see “No tables found in this database.” This is not the case with the sample database.

The database is running (I can query it via the command line).

Please advise.

[PS Shame I can’t add screenshots here.]

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Just reviving this thread because I am experiencing the same behaviour. I connected a 200GB mongo database with several tables, but Metabase says “No tables found in this database”

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I am experiencing the same behavior. I guess the documents are there, but they are automatically nested at the “_id” key. This might be related to the problem though not sure how I can correct that.

I have the same issue. I’ve just downloaded and installed mongodb and metabase and want to access the mongodb test db with restaurant data, from their quick start. This ‘seems’ it should be a baseline features for metabase’s support of mongo. Can someone from metabase support please address our question? Thanks

I am having the same issue with MongoDB