Non-Editable/ Public Dashboard

I noticed that a dashboard created by one user (admin) is still editable by other users, and those edits are persistent to other users as well. So two questions related to this:

  1. Do we have a functionality, wherein, I can stop other users from editing my dashboard (dashboard created by admin)
  2. Or, do we have the public dashboard feature coming out soon? Any anticipatory timelines?

Thanks a lot in advance,

Reference: ;

Public and embedded dashboards will be coming out very soon! We’re also currently exploring ways to make it easier to control access for viewing and editing dashboards.

Thanks for the feedback, and thanks for using Metabase!

Thanks for the update @maz. Waiting for the new release :slight_smile:


In case you missed the news, the latest release with public charts and dashboards just came out. :slight_smile:

Thanks for tagging this topic with the update @maz. Immensely helpful feature; and always great, great work!

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