Number for grouping (Mysql)

Hi everybody!

I am new to metabase but already loving it :slight_smile:

I would like to ask you for help with this trivia - in my database table there is a column called “region” (MySQL type tinyint), which value is from “1” to “5”, depending on what sales rep takes cares of which customer.
I would love to use “region” for a grouping (i.e. for Sum of sales), but Metabase think the field is I/O type, so I can only see (or filter) True/False. Is there any way to deal with this issue? I allready tried to create table called “Region” and set it as foreign key but with no success.

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

If you’re able to log into the Admin Panel of Metabase and go to the data model section, you might try changing the metadata type of region to Category and see if that works.

Hi maz,

thansk for your answer. Allready tried that thou. When questioning metabase for Sales, with view for sum of Quantity, groupped by Regions, I get table with 6 rows (one is false for unassigned partners, 5 are labeld as true). I doublechecked MySQL database, if there isnt some kind of glitch, but everything seem to be ok: