One-click Metabase deployment to own servers

Hello Metabase users,

My name is Denis, and I’m the co-founder and product manager of D2Cio.
It’s a developer tool that reduces time spent on configuring, managing and scaling apps in cloud or your own hosts.

We have prepared a Metabase stack with PostgreSQL for our stackhub which can be deployed to your own servers in a single click.
It’s open-source, and we would be happy if you make any pull-request to our repository. You might find helpful creating stacks documentation for that.

We are also ready to prepare the same stacks with different databases if necessary.

About D2C:

Supported cloud providers

  • AWS
  • GCP
  • Digital Ocean
  • Vultr
  • UpCloud

Supported operation systems and other requirements for connecting own servers:

  • OS: Ubuntu server 16.04/18.04; Debian 8/9
  • We strongly recommend to use a kernel with version >= 4.0 for better Docker performance using OverlayFS, otherwise the storage driver - will be “devicemapper”
  • Free disk space: 5 Gb
  • Opened incoming SSH port
  • For the Weave network to work, you must open ports 6783, 6784 (TCP/UDP)
  • For better performance, we recommend ensuring that VXLAN tunneling is allowed


  • Container based
  • One-click MasterSlave or ReplicaSet configurations
  • Scheduled database backups
  • Private network between all containers
  • Load balancing
  • Online logs and metrics
  • Easy scaling
  • 1-click free SSL
  • WebHooks

D2C has a free tier plan for deployment on one host, so you need to pay only to your provider (or nothing if you connect your own machine :slight_smile:)

Hope you’ll like the stack and looking for your feedback!


Hi there,

What’s the most common DB for using with Metabase?
Would love to hear from the community and post a new stack with the preferred database!:slight_smile: