Only syncing partially

Installed metabase a week ago, working great so far, with one exception.

I have a users table with a couple thousand people in it. Metabase only synced 32 users, and says there are only 32 rows in the table. What’s going on here? How do I fix this?

This happened to a lot of my tables, where Metabase only pulled in a small fraction of the total data. All the columns are there, but not all the rows.

Technical details:
version: Metabase 0.33.6
deploy: Heroku

Hi @stephaniew
Which database are you querying?
Try running a forced sync+scan (Admin > Databases > (db)), while you monitor the log (Admin > Troubleshooting > Logs) for errors.

Thank you! It’s a postgres db.

I did what you said, and I can’t see any errors. Here are the logs:

Just to confirm, you are only seeing some of the rows, when using Simple/Custom question?
If you make a Native query, like SELECT * FROM users, do you get all the rows?

Did you change a lot of tables from hidden to visible (example line 51)?
Did you just change the sync/scan schedule (line 123)?

There’s a few warnings of mismatched column types (example line 64). Which version of Postgres are you using? And what are the database column type of some of those underscored types that Metabase is getting?

That did the trick! Thank you so much for your help!

@stephaniew Could you elaborate - what did the trick? Just so others might learn something from this in the future.

Once I started actually querying the data I realized I was using credentials from… a staging server. :open_mouth:

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