Own copy of metabase

hello everyone, did anyone build his own copy of metabase because i am really struggling with everything right now. if i could find someone to show me how he did it i will appreciate it so much. thanks in advance

You need to follow the documentation. I tried using Windows first, but too much hassle. In the end, I settled for Ubuntu. Bit I struggled with most was Git as I’d not used it before.

i followed the documentation and i’m using ubuntu on virtualbox but i still struggling

Hey, Mohamed. Which step is causing you trouble?

the webpack configuration file: the one mentionned in the build file isn’t the right one since i always get a message telling me no configuration file was found. i then changed it to this one in metabse-master/webpack.config.js and eventhough i did that i still get message like : there is an error in the syntaxe and i don’t know what to do ? i think i need a liite bit more details about how to do this an thank you in advance

why is there this line in the build file : NODE_ENV=development ./node_modules/.bin/webpack --bail --devtool eval is this the webpack configuration file, because i always get the message that it’s not.

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Can someone please throw some light on the appropriate document for the same ? :slight_smile: