Parameterizing query based on user

I want to set up a metabase instance for client servicing team in my organization. The structure of the team is such, each member of CS team handles 3-4 clients. I want to set up filtered / parametrized query on the dashboard view which I have set up for the client services team. Eg. if Person A log’s in to to metabase then he just get’s to view the dashboard for clients <X,Y,Z> associated with A.

Also I want to restrict functionality of Metabase to these users so that they cannot query adhoc on Metabase either through UI or SQL. They should only be able to view questions and dashboard.



Hi Kuranaviki,

This is not supported yet. I think plans are in place to support this feature in the future.

For now, you may be able to accomplish your goals with signed/locked parameters when embedding questions:

See this question and included GitHub issues for more information regarding the feature: Security for different users

Are there any current plans on supporting an user filter for variables / parameters?