Pass parameter in dashboard other way than using parameter input field

I have parameter input field “Phone number” which is connected to the card which displays orders related to that phone number, on the same dashboard are cards with order details.
Additionally card shows link near each order id “view details” which is generated url to metabase dashboard with proper order id. Each click opens metabase report for wanted order, it works but it takes time to open and show the result. I would prefer not to refresh the entire page, only the cards connected to the parameter field.

In summary I want experience where I click order id and all cards connected to this parameter will refresh data according to the new parameter value. So instead typing order id in input field I just click it.

Is there a way to achieve that?

Hi @tmdoit

I’m not quite sure I understand completely, but the “view details” link is a full URL, right? Then it would need to “hijacked”, so when it was a link to the same path as Metabase, then it would behave like most other links in the interface (React link)

Or perhaps it’s something like this issue? - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post