Past 7 Days Not working?

I have a question I started getting results for the “Past 7 days”. Today is 1/20/2015, but it’s only providing results 1/12/2016 to 1/18/2016. So, past 7 days is behaving like last week. I didn’t chose last week, so perhaps there is a bug where it’s not showing the last rolling seven days.

Yeah, seeing a similar problem in our test instance.

Opened a P1 issue -
Feel free to include any further info there.

This is still the case. You have to open the filter and click on the three dots to select, "Include Today." I noticed they have named it, "Previous 7 days," but most people expect that a filter like that would be the last 7 days, starting today. Something they should probably change to be the default in the future.