Pay to have some issues fixed?

I’m sure I’m not alone in the boat of people who cannot afford enterprise subscription but sick of issues that are unresolved for months & years.

Is there a way to make a one-off payment to have some issue fixed or new feature implemented?

I do understand that I can probably find a contractor with knowledge of Java and frontend framework Metabase uses but this is a risky endeavor as there is no guarantee he would be able to produce result mergeable in upstream and either way I would rather support core team.

Hi @maxgashkov Can you link to the issues.

The only showstopper for us is this one: (I know that there is number of workarounds like views or running ETL to another warehouse, but they all are so time consuming that I just prefer to skip using Metabase altogether)

Other annoyances:

So everything besides 4058 (timestamp integer) is on the project board for 0.37 and 0.38
As you mention, the workaround currently would be to convert the data.
I understand that you want everything in one package, but at least there’s a workaround - other issues don’t always have a workaround.

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@flamber thanks for that link btw, I never thought it was right there under my nose.

I’m just curious what is the budget in support credits for that timestamp fix (4058)?

@maxgashkov I don’t know. But contact sales:

Will do. Thank you!