Pie charts way too slow

Hey. I’m trying out Metabase (deployed on Elastic Beanstalk, t2.small instance), ran a few queries on Redshift and realized that asking for a pie chart displaying gross revenue by state caused it to freeze. That was the only display type that caused the problem. I tried it with the sample data (gross per user) and the same thing happened.

Anyone else had this problem? Could this be a server side issue (instance too small)?

Can you give us the specific query on the sample database that caused the pie chart to freeze? Haven’t seen this before, but sounds bad =/

Also, can you tell us what browser version you’re on?


This is the query:

it’s not even particularly slow, it’s just that displaying it on a pie chart makes things explode. I’m using Chrome v50.0.2661.102.

Yeah, it’s trying to draw a pie chart w/ 1700 slices.

On my machine, it generates a useless chart but doesn’t lock up.

Is it actually locking up your browser?

I just tried again and it generated a useless chart with everything under ‘other’, but it did try to draw the whole thing earlier.

edit: still, my ‘real’ data only has 30ish different slices and it still freezes, just checked again. It doesn’t freeze the whole browser, just the Metabase tab.