Pivot tables with Measure Labels in the first Column

Hello community,

I want to create a table where I have the Month in the columns and metrics as measures and measure labels in rows.
The output should be like this(I used pipes to separate columns):
Type of Metric | Jan | Feb | March
Clicks | 5 | 10 | 10
Leads |2 | 3 | 4

I believe, there is no native feature to do that.
Can I create a custom column with these strings , like an array ['Clicks', 'Leads']? Or any other ideas how I can achieve that?

That would be a pivot table, did you try it out? is there something missing?

Thank you Tony. Yes, I am using a pivot table quite a lot. If I use a pivot tables and have measures, like cklicks as values in the field I can't have the word'leads', so the lable of that data in the first column. If I use group by in query builder for the pivot table and put there the measure I get the numbers(binned or unbinned) in the first column. I hope I was able to explain myself, let me know else.

In my example below I have in column A the labels of the metrics in columns B and C.

Not that clear sorry!! like i am able to replicate the same pivot on metabase:

Can you point me to the difference maybe i am missing something

exactly, you need to use another column for the rows 'Category'. I would like to have one row with the price only and have than 'Price'/'Sum of Price' in the first column and first row - with i.e. 2,829.03 for 2002.
Because I don't want to break down price by something, I was rather have price broken down by years in forst row and then costs broken down by years in the following row.

If you don't want breakdown than what is the point of having such a pivot? You might as well use something like this if you just need breakdown by year

If i am still not understanding than share with me the outcome you are expecting. or point the difference between the pivot i shared and the one you shared

How can I have the same output as in your last example, but the years in columns?

What's the usecase though? Why is having years on a horizontal plane easier to the eye than a vertical plans?

Business stakeholders want that, because currently it looks like that in the view which is supposed to be recreated in metabase

Then your option is SQL and perform a transpose

thank you for all the suggestions.
I am using SQL a lot but I don't think that transposing in SQL will make it possible 'Sum of Price' to appearin the first column where currently the years are. Or do you think differently?

What i mean is you will not be able to use the pivot but use an SQL to create the transpose from the group by since you are grouping by year

I understand, thank you