Please help me! Deleted the docker folder that contained metabase


I was trying to do some stuff on my Metabase and deleted the docker folder that contained Metabase by mistake !!!

I had a backup, but just reinjecting the backup of the folder makes Metabase spin forever and it is stuck at the credentials.
What should I do? I feel desperate lol. I can see that my metabase database is still there, it's the only thing that gives me some hope.

Should I delete the container and create a new one?

Try using volumes in the container and add that database to the named volume

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Thanks Luiggi, I solved my issue! It just took a while to restart... beginner mistake.

Hey @BenTpe ,

I was wondering from the image what operating system are you using?
How are you using Docker with metabase.jar?

Hi @mmontaser I'm using Metabase on my Synology NAS through the installed "container Manager" app, pulled the image from the registry and parametered it to work with the database from the NAS, not a separate container for MariaDB.