Possibility highlight targeted searching word in column

For example i am using to search word of “book” in description. Now metabase highlight whole column.and we have to find word on our own. please add possibility highlight targeted word in description. Thanks in advance

What do you need beyond what can be done using the web browser’s search facility?
This was me searching the sample products:

you mean with ctrl+f? yes i mean like this

What more do you need?


in this examle column con cat like a link. when i click it will direct to the website.
and i change it to map mode with pins.
but it is not clickable((

i want when i click to pins also direct me to the website.

and i have a lot ideas about improvement of the metabase i will share with you in this discuss forum.
another one i open in next topic

@AndrewMBaines how can you help me with this issues?