Possible to hide charts with "No results!"


I have several of dashboards with different questions/charts in them. If a question don’t have any result I would like not to show these in the dashboard. Is this possible?

I have made dashboards that show the active customers data and so on, so not all customers have all the data available but some have so I need all the questions/charts, not just all the time.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @MrBigData
No, that’s not possible.


Ok thank you for the answer, something that is in the backlog for the future?

@MrBigData No, that feature has never been requested and will likely never be implemented, since it would cause a lot of confusion and empty spots on a dashboard.
But you’re welcome to open a request: https://github.com/metabase/metabase/issues/new/choose

Hi There,
Is it possible to show atleast 0 'Zero' instead of no results.
Applying filters is a sin here.
Thank you!

@MrGDC There's a very big different between 0 (zero) and null (no results). This depends on the database type being queried.

@flamber, thank you for your quick reply :grinning:
Is it feasible to change the "No Results" to show "No Values" or something. if it is possible.. thanks

@MrGDC You can make any change you want by creating your own build. It sounds like you're looking for something that is specific to your dataset, which wouldn't apply in general, so such changes would not be implemented in Metabase.