Potential Customer, but need a few answers before deciding

Hello All,

I am currently looking to see if the paid version is worth upgrading too or if I should move on and make the visualization components from scratch or use another tool. The questions I have are listed below, thank you ahead of time for any help and responses!

  • The metabase bar will be removed from both dashboards and embeddings with our purchase of a license?
  • Does the purchased version come with more control over the graphs and dashboard styling, if so what are they?
    –Styling of single embedded objects?
    – Styling for objects and how they fit within the dashboard?
    – More label and legend functionality?
    – More colors???(there’s like 8 or 9 colors total which doesn’t seem right)
    – Maybe make dashboards smaller in scale?
  • Can we make dashboards or embedded graphs give us data feedback on what we click on within them with ease? If not is there a way to do this that metabase suggests before developing our own?
  • Does purchasing a license increase the max number of different “series or items” we can display within a graph?
    **Example: a bar graph might have 10 different series of data = 10 different categories while others might have 30
    *Built in color blind mode or color inverting?

I appreciate any and all responses, I asked a lot of questions, so if you know the answer to even one of them please drop the response below!!

Thank you!

Hi @mekashef
You should use the contact page to get answers directly from Metabase.

You can white-label and fully embed with your application.
White-label includes custom colors for series in charts.
Embedding supports postMessage for feedback.

Thank you for the answers and help!