Pro plan features on open source

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  • Our customer wants customized metabase using open source.
  • He also wants to use pro plan features like "Settings/Appearance" for branding his company. (He is open to purchase pro plan.)

How can I achieve this ?
When I build open source metabase, it shows only free plan features.

How can I display paid features after my client buy pro version ?

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Hi @danchen327
You have to build with MB_EDITION=ee to get the Pro functionality included:
It still requires a license for Pro/Enterprise:

Thank you.
How can I run Pro features on development server ?
Rather than using simple "clojure -M:run".

clojure -M:run:ee

Thank you.

I build my open source as "ee" edition.
However, "Admin/Appearance" does not appear.

Does it appears after input license ?

My second question is : Can I use this license in localhost:3000 ?

Hi, you need a valid license to use the pro features. You can use a license anywhere

Thank you.
Really works.