Problem! How to enter a value that contains a comma in a filter?

Hello there,

I am currently experiencing the following problem - I created a question which has a filter to select values. Out of a sudden I found out that I can’t lookup for a value which contains a comma in it. Even if I copy / paste it the filter divides it into parts.

Is it possible to overcome this drawback somehow? I tried writing it in different ways but every time I hit insert a comma it starts adding a new value…

(Editing the values in my DB is NOT an option)

All the best!

Hi @petar777
Which version of Metabase?
Are you talking about SQL query with filters or simple Custom question? If Custom, then you can use “Contains” instead of “Is”.
How many values does the select list contain?

Hi @flamber
I am currently running v0.32.8
The question that I made is a SQL query and about the size of the list - it doesn’t really matter even if I want to add a single value that contains a comma I am not able to do it.
Thanks for the fast reply!

Comma is used as a separator for multiple values, that’s why you cannot input a comma.
You could have an extra “advanced” filter, which is just a text filter that does a LIKE search.

There are a couple of ways, but I believe switching it to “Contains” adding the value you want, then switching it back to “Is”

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