Problem with blocked linked filters in static embbeded

Hi, everyone!

I'm encountering an issue while utilizing linked filters in conjunction with JWT embbeded.

I've recreated a dashboard using the "Sample Database" for better clarity.

It's working correctly on the website, but in static embedding, I'm facing an issue.

Filters Set Up:
I have set up four filters, all of them are Field Filter using the tables ID:

  1. ProdutoAcesso: A list of product IDs accessible to my client.
  2. ProdutoSelecionado: Utilizes the list from ProdutoAcesso to allow the client to make a selection.
  3. OrdemAcesso: A list of order IDs accessible to my client.
  4. OrdemSelecionada: Utilizes the lists from OrdemAcesso and ProdutoSelecionado to allow the client to make a selection.

I would like the "Selected Order" list to display only the orders that the client has access to and are associated with the selected product. This functionality works flawlessly within the Metabase interface.

However, when I employ the embedding feature and pass "Product Access" and "Order Access" as parameters, the "Selected Order" list displays all values from "Order Access," even those orders that are not associated with the "Selected Product."

I've tested this scenario with all editable filters, and the embedding function works without issue. The problem only arises when using JWT blocked parameters.

Thank you!