Problems updating to version 0.40

I have tried this so many times in different ways and am stuck.

Running Java8.0.2810.9 and initially Metabase.jar v0.37.7.
I followed instructions to update Metabase major releases sequentially:

  • 0.38
  • 0.39
  • 0.40
  • 0.47

I am able to update to 0.39 with no changes in Java
I achieve this by

  • stopping Metabase service,
  • copy in the new rev metabase.jar,
  • finally running java -jar Metabase.jar and restarting the service

However java -jar fails when i try to update to Metabase 0.40

I have a partition backup at this point.
I downloaded this from site

IF you cant see this, its version 11 - LTS, and Windows x86 button to d/l installer
File retrieved: OpenJDK11U-jre_x86-32_windows_hotspot_11.0.20.1_1.msi

after installing 11 the command java - version says 11, however when i select the java applet in the control panel says version 8 still.

doing the same procedure java -jar metabase.jar it succeeds I think (although the jar'ing process does not end. i have to control C out of it after 5 minutes.

When I invoke localhost:3000 it shows me a default startup scenario not the abundance of questions i have prepared.
Maybe you can give me more detailed instructions how to upgrade from MB 0.39 to MB 0.40

Much Thanks

@flamber are you available to address my questions? thanks much, Regis

a few things:

  1. you seem to have several Java versions installed, so remove all Java from the machine and only install Java 11
  2. you need to figure out where the files for the application database are, if you were using the H2 DB then check where those files are located and start Metabase in that directory

thanks for support Luiggi, the initial setup of this was done by a contractor and no longer available to me. I dont know if the app_db is H2 or converted otherwise. the filename is is there a way to tell if it was migrated to another db? I saw in the discourse that H2 might be problematic. It has worked well for me 3+ years however.

also, can you point me to a link for the right Java 11? i guess we need i86.


I'm almost there. if you can clarify couple things.

It's preferable to install java 11 x64 over i86 correct?

regarding H2 migration, in the Configuring the Metabase application database link, does the following java string convert the database? or used each time to invoke metabase? Finally, if i wish to specify a path for the database location, can you edit this java string showing me where to put it?

java -DMB_DB_TYPE=mysql -DMB_DB_CONNECTION_URI="jdbc:mysql://:3306/metabase?user=&password=" -jar metabase.jar load-from-h2 metabase.db


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