Problems with Google Sign-in


We are facing issues enabling SSO with Google on the free version of Metabase. Would it be possible to share the steps you followed to enable SSO.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @veda.k
Post "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting.
Follow the steps outlined in the documentation:

Thanks. Yes we did look at this. But aren't sure on how do we create an application through Google's developer console. Our Google admin was facing issues in this first step itself. What do we do once we are in API & Services page on Google Cloud


@veda.k If you included a bit more in the top of the screenshot, then you would see that you haven't selected a project.
You are not having problems with Metabase, just the extremely confusing interface on Google Console.
Here it describes everything, including a video, which is also linked from our docs:

Thank you. I will try these steps.