Public URL not working for some dashboards


I upgraded to the latest metabase version in order to use public URLs for our TV.
One dashboard is working with the public URLs, one isn’t. When I open it (prefer not to share URL publicly) I get “an error occured” after a few seconds. Where can I look at the logs to understand what is going on? How can I solve this?

Running metabase on EBS

This sounds like

It's been intermittent for me. They've done some work for 0.24 and I'm waiting to see if it'll solve this issue.

I found that this happens when the dashboard takes more than X time to load (10 seconds-ish). Instead of showing the “this is taking a while to load” it takes the browser to the /auth/login endpoint which shows a “not found” graphic

Facing same issue.
Public links are not working after updating to the new vesion.

@watermelon please report it as a new GitHub issue via with as much level of detail as you can similar to what’s done throughout the whole issue thread linked to above. So environment, including browser details, logs when this occurs from both browser and server, steps you took etc.

Reason is you may experience the same end symptom error message, but code (including even browser version behavior) in this area has probably changed since then, more than a year ago now. So fresh detailed symptoms are needed for the developers to have a better chance to diagnose and find the root cause.