Publish dashboard for Embedding doesn't work

I have created a sample dashboard with sample dataset provided by Metabase

and when I try to follow steps for embedding it into app, cannot see the dashboard in preview page(Not found).

When checked the code page, I could see some ‘undefined’ value in the embed url

I was not allowed to add more than one image, hence I am adding the last image.
I am new to Metabase, any help would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Hi @ashwin.kumar

What language are you coding your incorporation into?
And without embedding, in the url of your panel, what appears? Dashboard or Question?

What version of Metabase are you using?

Hi @ashwin.kumar
There’s an issue in and 0.33.6, so the example code (and preview) doesn’t work for dashboards - as you said, it says undefined and “Not found”.
If you replace the undefined with dashboard then it will work.
Embedding still works, it’s just the example code that got messed up during a cleanup.
It is fixed in the next version - very likely 0.34.0, which might arrive in a week or so.

Hi @Lourival
I am trying to embed metabase dashboards into Angular(javascript) application.
So far I have not embeded yet because to do so, I guess I need to publish the dashboard from metabase and then use the url. So if I publish the dashboard which says ‘/embed/undefined/’ in the preview and try to embed in Angular as ‘/embed/dashboard/’, will it work?

metabase version: v0.33.6

Hi @flamber,

Just for confirmation, do you mean to say even if I publish the dashboard with shows ‘/embed/undefined/’ and embed in my application with ‘/embed/dashboard/’, it gonna work?

@ashwin.kumar Yes, I’m saying that the example code does not work, but if you create your own code (with correct syntax), then it works.

That’s it @ashwin.kumar,

It will work if you implement your own code.