Pulse sent value for wrong question?

I have a Pulse set up to send a couple simple number visualizations weekly. Today, two of the numbers were exactly the same even though the underlying questions were yielding different results, so one was 0.5 off. It seems like it sent the same question twice instead of two different ones.

I checked to make sure they were pointing to the expected questions and re-ran the questions with appropriate timestamps (when the Pulse ran) to see if I could replicate the number in the email. I could not. There is no ETL pipeline that would have caused additional results to appear in the couple hours since the query ran.

Is there some kind of caching of questions that could cause this?

I’m on version v0.32.8.

Hi @frangfrang
That’s a fairly old version of Metabase, so it’s difficult to help with. You could try to backup, then upgrade to latest 0.35.3, and see if that makes a difference.