Pulses posted to Slack don't show question output

I’ve configured a Pulse to post the output of a Question to Slack everyday. It ran successfully the first time. But subsequent times, the actual output is not shown in the attachment:

The output is not shown when I test the Pulse either. Has anyone else seen an issue like this? It’s not clear to me whether the problem is on the Metabase or Slack side… here’s what I’ve tried:

  1. Regenerate the Slack API token
  2. Recreate the Question and Pulse
  3. Try the same thing using my local Metabase instance vs hosted on Heroku
  4. Create a new Slack team and try posting the Pulse to that

The Pulses still did not send the images in any of those cases so I’m stumped. Very grateful for any suggestions on what to try.

There was a breaking change to the Slack File Upload API. We’re trying to work around it!

I’ll ping in this thread once we have a fix.

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Seeing the same on our end, too!

We just released a new version of Metabase (v0.13.3) to patch this issue. You can download it now @ www.metabase.com/start/

Thanks for being patient on this one, we know it’s sad to get an empty Pulse :cry: