Query builder with filter variables for dashboards

Hi, I think this is a new feature request rather than a bug: when you only use the query builder to build your questions (what a lot of my users do as SQL is too complex) they are not able to build filters on dashboard levels for those questions.
That would be a great feature to make dashboard creation more user-friendly.
Cheers, Eva

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I think your wish for this feature has already been granted :rainbow: - but I’m guessing you either assume you need the SQL filters, or you hit some bug?

If you look at https://www.metabase.com/docs/v0.25.0/users-guide/08-dashboard-filters.html#filtering-sql-based-cards you will see that I deep-linked to a specific section a bit below the initial explaining. If you read that you see it’s phrased like there are additional requirements if it’s native SQL (btw the link is also back in the v0.25 guide fitting the version you are on)

Try it with a question that isn’t built on SQL and see if it works!

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Ha, I was sure I checked the documentary before but I guess I didn´t read this tiny bit! I will check it out! thanks @jornh!!

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Alright, it did work (altough I wanted - obviously, why making it easy when you can have it the hard way? - to filter the field that is used a the entity key what does not seem possible. But with any other field it works! :blush:

Haha - why do it easy?

Depending on your field cardinality, column type settings etc. you might run into restrictions. Maybe in some cases you can trick it by setting a fake type (e.g. not entity key)

I think work happened in this area also in v0.28 where some dashboard filtering restrictions were improved on: Select of multiple values, performance with higher cardinality fields (obviously primary key is high here :laughing: ) etc. And I think more is in the works …

Oh, and the false assumption you had; well I guess that’s what happens when you get to close to the metal :wink:

Hi, yes one restriction is (compared to SQL) that you can´t make filters with “contains …” in it. But to be fair, for that my users should come to me anyway. Having the possibility to use some general filters themselves is great already.
Still haven´t updated to 0.28 as I found a default value filter bug that would affect almost all my dashboards … :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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