Query Enquiry

after u run metabase for the first time connecting to a DB, it runs migrations, gets all the DB schema etc please i wanna know what happens anytime u wanne query from a table

does it go and pull from the external DB or gets the query results from the metabase platform

From the external DB subject to any previous query caching.
The metabase platform just holds data for parameter prompts.

i dont understand

@anonymous When you run a query, then Metabase will check if it has a valid cache, otherwise it will execute the query on the external database.

thanks @flamber

thanks to you too @AndrewMBaines

Hi everyone Back to this matter again

so i have two database to my metabase instance and im executing a query on only one but for some reason i see the metabase communicating to the other DB (which im not running any query on) in the DB server logs

any explanation

It’s probably scanning the database for any changes or updating the metadata.

which that feature can be disabled right??

Yes, per database. More usually scheduled to a more convenient time:
In the database settings:

ok so once this is disabled database should be idle when not connected right

Assuming you don’t have any pulses connecting via a schedule.

a’ight cool thanks @AndrewMBaines