Query on permission

Hi ,

I got a situation , where i have a support team ,need to give full permission(Data access and SQL Queries) on 5 tables out of 12 tables from single database . How can i achieve this ?
I tried giving the SQL Queries permission in the permission tab but its allowing all the 12 tables access to the Support group.

Any suggestion on this?

The SQL Queries have no notion of table security beyond that provided by your database. The user is just entering query text, it’s not interpreted by Metabase.

Only option I can think of is to have a 2nd database connection using a different username. On the SQL Server, this 2nd username would have a limited set of tables available.
Downside is double the overhead for setting up the tables in Metabase, but it is only 5 tables so not a big deal.

Hi @AndrewMBaines,

Thanks for the suggestion.